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Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day & tea cozies & crochet

Flower Basket
This morning I was surfing Webshots to find some pictures of flowers in baskets to send for May Day. I found a lot of interesting crocheted items. I'll show you a few to spark your crochet imagination.
0801 irish crochet flower
I'll start with a very traditional doily with Irish roses, beautifully crafted. Floral rose doily
An exquisite doily with 3-D swans and waterlilies! Swan doily By Priscilla Walker
A heart & flowers sachet Heart Sachet
An unusual shaped flowered purse butteryflys n flowers 1 500x375
Irises and daffodils
iris And daffodil on Buttons
These are beautiful, crocheted and beaded flower buttons. crochet Beaded Buttons Crochet Pansy Buttons
A miniature rose pillow for a doll house. RED ROSE CROCHET PILLOW
This bed doll is cute, but just look at that exquisite pillow! Handcrocheted Bed Doll 1/12 Scale
Don't overlook the beautiful lace runner on the top of the dresser...Handcrocheted Bed Doll 1/12 Scale
This dollhouse is complete with a basket of yarn and a needlework project in process, and it's crochet! Grandmas Crochet In Progress 1/12 scale

An Easter wedding flower basket complete with crocheted doily liner Wedding Easter Basket lined with roses and then crocheted flowers. Wedding Easter Basket filled with flower egg cosies

Then I came across some lovely flowered tea cozies...Basket teacosy and teapot
by request - three shades of pink flowers in black basket SOLD Crocheted Hydrangea teapot cozy Crocheted Citrus-theme Tea Cozy

Look at these beautiful tea cup cozies. I think I might have to make some of these, a great way to use up those little bits of left over yarn. Or this might be a way to try several colors together to see if you'd like them in an afghan.
Many mug cozies

Perhaps my favorite tea cozy, even if it's not crocheted, it's just too perfect.
The result of imagining a 'sweater' for a teapot

I'm going to get a cup of hot tea, go back to crocheting my "Ring around the Posie" top, and wish everyone a Happy May Day.

Note: all these pictures were on Webshots, and I used the "Link to" feature. If you click on the picture, you will be redirected to the original Webshots picture with the photographer credit.


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