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Saturday, May 10, 2008

A ripple afghan in single crochet doesn't take forever

...it only feels that way!

Someone donated a large garbage bag of yarn to the Shawl Ministry, including the beginning of a ripple afghan, very wide, in single crochet; and the yarn to complete the afghan. Everyone said that "someone" should take it and finish it, but they meant me. I thought that at first, then whenever the word "someone" was mentioned they looked at me, then they started using my name after "someone". I really don't like ripples, especially single crochet, back loop only, they take F o r e v e r !
I resisted as long as I could, but then realized someone was going to take all that beautiful blue yarn, and then there would be no way to finish the afghan...so I took it home.
After several long rows of single crochet, back loop only, I said to myself "There's no reason you have to do the whole thing in one color, add some stripes". So I decided that peach would go nicely with the blue, and with blue and orange being Hershey High School colors (who choose that combination, anyway?) I figured that I could make a light version of blue and orange and it could go to a girl graduate. Our Shawl Ministry has expanded from the shawls for sick, elderly, death in the family, to a white shawl for every baby baptized at the church, and then to a shawl/dorm blanket for every high school senior. Some happier crocheting.
Anyway, once I decide that I could change the color, I figured, "Hey, I can change the stitch on the second color". I'm working the peach in half doubles, so it's going a little faster. Now, I find that it needs to be finished before Monday's meeting so today was ripple day. Tomorrow will be also.
Looking forward to finish this and getting on with other projects.

Yesterday, for a change of pace I worked up the Antique Threadwork motif CAL. I chose the Rambler Rose doily on Celtwich, but only made one of the smaller circles. It's a very pretty motif, with an Irish rose in the center, some lace, then ruffles, more lace and picots. With #10 thread and a size 7 hook, it's large for a motif, makes a nice little doily, about 7" across. Tomorrow I hope to work in the ends, block it, and get pictures.


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