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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yarn that Glows!

Battery powered yarn - it glows! Okay, where do we purchase it? How many yards per skein? What weight is it? What colors does it come in? What stitches will "show" best? Do we need our lighted hooks when we work on it?
Should we use small amounts, like a stripe on a sweatshirt, so that we can be seen when walking on a dark street? Or do we crochet an entire sweater so that we can be really seen when we walk into a dark nightclub? Definitely avoid large "splotches" like in the photo.
As I understand the basics, it's a yarn dipped in a light-emitting ink, then wrapped in a thin layer of material with small holes for the light to shine through, then another layer of yarn. When attached to a battery, electricty flows through the yarn and ink. Science is just too cool!


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