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Saturday, January 12, 2008

PA Farm Show

Today I met up with Faith, Margie, and Shelby at the Farm Show. We gave a demonstration of crochet, gave a few simple lessons, and talked to people about the Guild Chapter and the upcoming Gathering of the Guilds. The Keystone Lace Guild had postcards with information about the Gathering (I forgot to bring one home!), Shelby had assembled a great handout with links for crochet websites, and I had made a flyer about the Guild Chapter. Everyone had completed projects which drew attention to our table. Which was helpful, as the microphone they gave me worked about 10 minutes and quit.
We were scheduled for an hour, most of the time we crocheted on various projects, a great variety of thread, yarn, novelty fibers; an ornament, scarf and purse. I taught Shelby the basics of Tunisian. We also had some time to chat about things that needed to be done for the Gathering, and what we'd be doing at the next Chapter meeting. We crocheted well past our hour, before cleaning up and doing a little looking at the exhibits in the Family Living area. There was a fabulous Christening dress and bonnet made with white #10 thread, it had filet hearts on the skirt, with a band of squares with Irish crochet roses around the hem. Fantastic work!


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