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Monday, January 21, 2008

Motif CAL

I'm trying to select motifs from vintage books, however, I find these a little challenging for the average crocheter. Not because the stitches or stitch combinations are difficult, but because the style of pattern writing is so different. Designers and pattern writers, and pattern editors are working hard to get a "standard form". So, those of us who learned to crochet from modern patterns are used to specific words, phrases and order of instruction. The older patterns were more verbal patterns that were passed from family, friend or neighbor, and then written down. They often assume a knowledge of stitches and techniques, where modern patterns don't assume, they tell you step by step.
One thing that may confuse beginner crocheters is a pattern that gives you 1/6 of a round on a doily, and then says something in the way of "complete the round to match". Another thing I have found in the older patterns is finishing the final stitch and join together. For example, a modern pattern may have you making ch5 loops with a single in a loop of the last round. The final loop will be a ch 5 and slip into the first single, then slip stitch to the center of the next loop to start the next round. An antique/vintage pattern may have you create the final "ch 5 loop" by a ch2 and then a double into the "joining space". This puts your thread in the center of a loop and you don't have to slip stitch to the center of the next loop.

For January, I'm looking for another "snowflake" type of motif. Here is the "snowflake motif that I selected for January. It reminds me of a six-sided rather than a six-pointed snowflake. "Poinsettia"
Since the motif is named Poinsettia, and I've done a lot in white, I thought that I'd do this in red. I've finished it, but haven't blocked it yet. It's in the pile with the 5 sided Pineapple, that's been waiting a while. Still hoping to block later this week.


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