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Saturday, January 12, 2008

More on organizing

I forgot one thing that I did in organizing that's been a big help. When I got home I had over 125 emails, mostly digests from all the crocheting groups that I belong to, but also from yarn companies. I didn't want to miss any important emails, but knew that if I jumped in and read them in order, I'd never get done the work I needed to do before I had to be ready to teach. So I created folders in my email, for Crochet Partners, CGOA Membership, CGOA Professional, Tunisian crochet (2 groups), Crocheta-Long, Doily of the Month, Antique Pattern Library, Antique Threadwork, yarn company newsletters, etc. Each day I spend a few minutes sorting those emails into the proper folders, and that leaves the personal and work related emails in the inbox for me to handle. When I've got work caught up, I can open one folder and read as many of the digest emails as I have time for.
I've discovered something with this method, a lot of the posts make more sense if you read the digests one after the other, rather than randomly over several days. It's much easier to follow the conversations.


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