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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blogger problems

Blogger is sure in a bad mood. I just spent hours in a big circle trying to log in to my blog. First I was told, repeatedly, that my email didn't exist. Not that my email and password didn't match. Sometimes I do forget which password goes with which account, but I can remember which email address filled in!! I went to the Help section, had at least 5 emails sent to me to tell me the email account that I used to set up this blog. Yes, they had listed the very one that I was using, the very one that the log in screen kept saying didn't exist. I went down the entire list of things to do to correct the problem, I dumped the temporary cookies cache, I checked the settings on my privacy and on my security. I got about 4 more emails mailed to me, and reset my password, twice. I made sure my "script" was properly enabled, Then I did all those things again!
The log is screen still continued to say that the email didn't exist, while the emails from Blogger continued to say that that was indeed the email address. They circled me around to several "chat groups" and someone else had the exact same problem in the middle of December. All the suggestions were familiar, but no one seemed to solve her problem either. It would have been extremely helpful if I could have emailed a real person and explained the situation. Possibly they could have given a helpful tip and straightened the problem out in no time.
I've becomes so frustrated that I've completely forgotten what I wanted to post about in the first place.


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