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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blogger problems again!!

Blogger!!!! I'm tearing my hair out, screaming, pounding keyboards,...
Actually that's only what I'd prefer doing, I'm really just circling the @%$# blogger help files trying to straighten out this problem. I'd really like to just send them an email explaining the problem in detail, and hopefully they'd send back an email explaining what's wrong, or that they're fixing the problem, etc. Instead I go from one help screen to another, one drop down menu to a help group,... none of the drop down menus has the specific problem, nothing seems to lead to an answer.

Specifically, when I go to log in it says my email does not exist, but I can go to a look up page. If I type in my blog name, it sends an email to me at the email in their records. I get that email, at the email address they say does not exist!!
If I put that email in the search page, it sends me a remainder to that email!! But wait, you keep telling me that email address doesn't exist, if it doesn't, how come I keep getting emails from you at that address? I usually resort to clicking the link to reset my password. I type in my current password twice, no I don't bother to reset my passwork, it's not saying the password doesn't match the email address. But somehow, that works to allow me to log in, and post this rant!!
Do you think that anyone ever does a search to see if people write about blogger problems in their blogger posts!

What would be extremely helpful, instead of long, complicated searches through forever help pages, would be a simple "contact us" link.

Once again, I'm very fearful of logging off the site, closing any windows, or anything else that might lose my connection to my blog.


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