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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well, for most of the past week to 10 days, I've been snuggled in the Lazy-Boy with an afghan. No, not actually crocheting on one, just under one trying to get more sleep and recover from a bad cold (sinus infection?)
Last Monday, I skipped going to the Shawl Ministry get together, I did get up and teach my math classes on Tuesday, but skipped our weekly crocheting in public at Borders. Called off work on Wednesday evening, and cancelled tutoring sessions on Wed. & Thursday. I was home from Tuesday afternoon (15th) until Tues. morning
(the 22nd). For several days I didn't do any crocheting, it even took until day 3 or 4 before I picked up a crochet magazine and flipped through the pictures. I didn't read any of the articles, or try to make sense of any patterns.
I'm finally feeling much better, and I'm busy with a #7 steel hook and thread. I'm using up a lot of ends of balls, and creating some bookmarkers to give away as door prizes at the Gathering of the Guilds.


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