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Friday, December 21, 2007

Paperwork for the Gathering of the Guilds

The local guilds will again be Gathering in February in the Harrisburg area. Two years ago I attended my first Gathering, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the work of the local embroidery, smocking, cross-stitching, lace-making, knitting, and quilting guilds. There was no crochet guild represented. I told myself that I'd work to get the CGOA represented at the next Gathering (2007).
Well, Margie & I met and planned, and we got a CGOA Chapter started in Harrisburg in September of 2006. We weren't ready to do all the paperwork, other work and putting out money to be ready for the Gathering, though. But this year our Chapter has a few more members, and we're working hard to be ready for the February 2008 Gathering of the Guilds.
This week I'm working on paperwork, first the Lace Makers guild has a booth at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in order to spread the word and raise interest in the Gathering of the Guilds. We'd like to have people demonstrate crocheting at the Farm Show in January. A great way to show off our love of crochet, share our art, get out word about CGOA and our local chapter, and get a nice discount on our Gathering registration fee. We need to gather 2-5 items for display at the booth, have a flyer printed to hand out to interested people, and hopefully, get an ad ready for the brochure. I'm sending out emails, scheduling demonstration times, filling out registration forms, sending out more emails, asking questions, making suggestions, working at the computer with photo imaging programs, publishing programs, etc.
I'd like to get all the paperwork finished before heading out of state for Christmas visits. If my trips work the way I'd like, I should be home in time to be ready to teach at Michaels on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, teach math on Tuesday, and be at the Farm Show several days. Then on to making small items for door prizes, sorting things to display, making a poster & flyers for the Gathering. And don't forget, we need to have a theme for the library display, and gather everything together to put a display in before March 1, March is National Crochet Month.


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