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Thursday, December 13, 2007

NY Times article

Today, the New York Times had a great article on keeping your brain active and functioning into old age. I enjoyed that along with studying a foreign language, designing buildings, writing books, etc. they recommended "knit or perform other mentally challenging tasks". Later in the article the author had this to say "So if you knit, challenge yourself with more than simply stitched scarves. Try a complicated pattern or garment."

So I can say that I don't experiment with overlay techniques, Delta crochet, Tunisian, and learning knitting in order to translate patterns into Tunisian simply because of lack of focus. "On average, those who pursued the most leisure activities of an intellectual or social nature had a 38 percent lower risk of developing dementia. The more activities, the lower the risk." Ah, and our weekly crocheting in public, chatting while stitching is helpful, also. The monthly CGOA meeting, the field trips to yarn shops,...that's how I'm keeping my brain active and young!


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