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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another busy crochet week

After Sunday's Yarn Event at Michaels, there was Monday's Shawl Ministry. I finished three 7 x 9 blocks on those two evenings. Tuesday was crocheting at Borders night. Since then I've received some new Leisure Arts patterns books that I ordered online, or won on eBay. I've practiced some new stitch patterns by making more 7 x 9 blocks. I have a total of 12 since Sunday!
Today was Class Preview Day at Michaels. I brought several Tunisian stitch books along, and started several 7 x 9 blocks in fun patterns. I started with the Shells and Columns, I think it's my favorite. I was working it in a light raspberrry. It seemed to catch a lot of eyes, many people asked what I was doing and commented on how beautiful the stitch was. I got a lot of opportunity to discuss Tunisian. Next I started a block of my own design, with alternating knit and purl stitches to form a bottom border, then sides borders (knit/purl) and a body of Tunisian knit. I then started a basketweave. Those show a variety of Tunisian stitches. I'll have to finish those three blocks tomorrow.


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