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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Crochet as Art - Teapot and teacups

So I joined another online crochet group,...I guess it's my newest Syndrome. (PAS, YAS, BAS, HAS, TAS; That's Pattern Acquisition Syndrome, Yarn, Books, Hooks, Tools,...) What else do I like to acquire for my craft?
Anyway, I joined the Art Crochet group. This is going to be a passionate group of people who are very creative. I look forward to all they're going to share with the CGOA, such as information on art gallery and museum shows, workshops and demonstrations. The photos are fabulous and inspiring. The discussion "What is Art Crochet?" will generate a lot of thought about where crochet can go, what it can become.
Now, I'm not a crochet artist, as these people would define that. Some of my doilies are works of art, and yet I wouldn't expect a lot of people at the art gallery spending inordinate amounts of time studying them. I do enjoy looking at art that is created using fibers and crochet techniques.
If you're interested in crochet as art, or are a crochet artist, check out the new group on Yahoo. "Artcrochet"
And check out the Title link to see a great example of crochet art, a crocheted teapot and cups displayed in a NYC shop window.


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