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Sunday, October 28, 2007

60 Scarves in 60 Days

I'm finally making some progress on my goals here. I delivered 6 scarves to a local charity on Tuesday.
Last night I started on another scarf. And I got to thinking about a knitter who likes to make both socks or both sleeves of a sweater on the same needles at the same time. She said it's easier to do the pattern repeats, and the shaping of both at the same time. She said this was an advantages over crochet, as crocheters have to do the two items separately. Well, I thought, maybe I can do it with Tunisian. So I started a second scarf in the same stitch pattern. Remember in Tunisian, you pick up loops in your row and keep them all on the hook, so it looks like a row of knitting, then work them off, similar to crochet. I was able to work a row of stitches from the first scarf onto the hook, then work a row of the second scarf. Then I would work off the stitches of the second scarf, I did have to drop off this scarf, leaving the last loop and then work off the row of the first scarf. Then I would pick up stitches on the next row of the first scarf, put the loop of the second scarf back on the hook, and work the next row of the second scarf. Since I wasn't doing a difficult pattern repeat, I don't think that this was a help in working easier, or faster. However, the color changes, and the challenge did offer a little variety, so that I kept working instead of taking a "boredom break". Then, just for the fun of it, and because I could, I started a third scarf on the same hook! I completed about 1/3 or more of 3 scarves last evening, and completed them all today. I did go back to working them each separately, although I alternated colors for variety.
I have scarf #10 on the hook now, I've been working on it off and on for most of the week. It's a more complicated Tunisian stitch pattern, and I'm thinking that it would look really nice as a little neck warmer, they're all the rage on the crocheting groups right now. Just need two large, attractive buttons. Then I can whip up one more long, fast scarf.


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