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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Your Crochet Library

Since I ended the last entry with a note about purchasing a book for your crochet library, this is a good time to start a discussion about your personal crochet library.
If you didn't own any crochet books at all, not even a general needlework book that contains crochet along with knitting, tatting, embroidery, etc, what would be the first book that you just HAD TO HAVE for the beginning of your personal crochet library?
If you have a few basic books on techniques, what book or books might you select next? Books on related techniques, or project books?
If you have basic resource books on techniques, and some nice project books, what books might you select to fill in empty spots in what you have?
Let's say you have the basic technique books that you want, and a great assortment of project books; what special area of crochet might you want to select as a special interest and purchase more books on that technique or focusing on projects?
What book(s) did you see that you just HAD to HAVE? Perhaps you just loved the pictures, or it had one project that you just had to make.
What book did you buy, only to find out that it had nothing new in techniques or projects? What book(s) might you weed out of your library? Even public libraries regularly weed out books, to keep the collection current, don't feel bad about pulling a book if it doesn't work for you.
Now, we've got a lot to think about! I'd love to hear about your personal crochet library.


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