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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

CGOA Membership Group Stitch of the Week

The CGOA Membership group (check out the above link and join the group if you're a CGOA member) is doing a Stitch of the Week, with members volunteering to "teach" a stitch of the week. It's very simple - name the stitch, describe it, show a picture of a swatch, and maybe add links to tutorials on the web. It's a great way for all of us to expand our stitch dictionaries or portfolios, I don't think everyone knows all the possible stitches or stitch combinations. It's also a great way to finally master those that have been frustrating. I know when we get to the Crab stitch, aka reverse single crochet, that a lot of people will be fussing over how difficult it is, but a lot of people will also have great tips and tricks to overcome the difficult parts.
The first week, just to get us started, was the single crochet. Week 2, an interesting variation, the split single. I've used this stitch before, but I don't remember when, and I know it's not on the top of my list. I never think of this stitch when I try to design anything, which is a shame, it has potential. I'm making the swatches into 7 x 9 blocks to be donated to Warm Up America. It would be nice to add them to my binder of stitches, but it's already overflowing. (4" binder of classic crochet stitches & a 4" binder of Tunisian stitches.) I started with a worsted weight yarn and an I hook.

I think the fabric is a little stiff, so I tried again with an N hook (a beautiful Sonshapes wooden hook that I was happy to work with!). The second fabric is so much softer, but it also opens up and shows the stitch definition better. I might even go up a few hooks sizes if I wanted to make this into an afghan. Bonus, with the larger hook, your work will grow at a much faster rate.

I'm now wondering how this stitch might work up with alternating rows of two colors. Last night I was also wondering how to convert this into Tunisian, I think I have to add a yarn over before each split single stitch. Hmmm...
This week's stitch is crossed doubles, this is a stitch that I use frequently. Did you notice them in the hats I did this past weekend? I really like to make the crossed doubles as part of a larger pattern, not just a whole project of crossed doubles. Maybe several rows of doubles, then a row of crossed doubles in another color.
I'm eagerly awaiting week #8 when Dee is going to show us the Tulip Stitch! Then week #9 I'm going to do the Seed Stitch. Part of the fun is going to be doing a little research, are there other names for the stitch? Are there more than one stitch with the same name? Is there any historical information that might be fun to know? Was this stitch named after someone? I really like this idea, I think I'm going to add it to our Guild meetings.


At Friday, August 10, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
I'll be showing the Tulip Stitch to CGOA'ers on week 5 -- starting THIS Monday!

Get ready!


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