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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Questions on the Snow Flower Doily

"At Friday, July 13, 2007, Anonymous said...
Hi Jane,
I am new here as I just found this site. I was so pleased to see that you crocheted the Snow Flower Doily. I have started one but am a little confused about rnd 7 and 11. I got the pattern from Freepatterns.com so therefore don't have the "Stitch Guide" available.Is rnd.7 done in 2 rnds? and please enlighten me about the "sc back post" rnd.
11. Thank you in advance for your help. Your doily is beautiful. Dorothy"

Thank you for the compliment.
I can see why you're confused about round 7. This is written a lot like they wrote patterns in the "olden" days, instead of modern terminology. But it is done in one round.
First on Round 6, you made a single, chained 7, skipped 10 stitches and singled in the next stitch; around to the beginning.
In Round 7, you are going to chain 1, single in the first single, 7 doubles in the first chain 7 loop, single in the next single and 7 doubles in the next chain 7 loop, around to the beginning.

sc back post - Back post and front post stitches are done around the "post" or "leg" of a stitch, instead of going into the top loops of the stitch as you usually would. Most of the time, post stitches are made with doubles around the post of a double in the row below. But sometimes, a pattern calls for doing a post stitch around a half-double or even a single. And sometimes, the pattern has you drop down 2 or 3 rows and do a double, or treble around the post of a previous stitch. You can create ribbing, and wonderful textures with post stitches.
For a back post stitch, you insert your hook from the back of your work just to the right of the indicated stitch, put your hook in front of the post of the stich, and bring the hook out to the back of the fabric just to the left of the stitch. For a back post single, after inserting your hook as described, complete the single crochet in the regular manner. I can't find any pictures of a back post single, just back post doubles. The pictures do show you where you put the hook, so this might be helpful.

"Crochet Cabana"
"Annie's Attic" Watch the Quick Time video
I think this video shows the stitches best.

Hope this helps you with the doily, and I'd love to see a picture of your doily when you've finished.


At Sunday, July 15, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your quick response to my post, and thank you for clearing up those 2 rounds for me. I certainly know where to go for help if I run into anymore problems. :) Thanks again.


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