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Friday, July 27, 2007

CGOA Chapter Meeting

The theme for last night's Guild meeting was Christmas in July. And did it ever live up to it's name!

Goodies to snack on - I didn't have time to bake cookies, but stopped and bought some fancy cookies with raspberry jelly in the centers. They looked festive, Crystal made home made cookies! Yummy, thanks!

Fiber goodies - Last month at the meeting we put together a group order for yarn from "Smileys yarn" and I delivered the yarn last night. I also had samples of new yarns for everyone to see and feel, and I gave a quick review. The yarns were Bernat Natural Blends in Soy and Bamboo. I will post a review on the CGOA Membership group as soon as I can.

Conference Goodies - Margie was the only member to go to the Chain Link Conference this year and she had a great report for us, including what was in the goody bags, favorite teachers, classes, techniques, funny moments, and Professional Development Day. Having several of the same teachers over the past years, we enjoyed chatting about the teachers and classes. Margie was very excited about Joan Davis's class on Omega Lace, this is a new technique. She showed us the beginning of her project, using yarns from her goody bag. It was a new yarn from Coats & Clark Moda Dea Fashionista (acrylic and Tencel) in a beautiful fushcia, then she had a multi-colored novelty yarn. The technique of Omega Lace seems to be a combination of knitting, crocheting, Tunisian, and double hook, and creates a very open, lacy stitch. She had a book on Ponchos (note - get exact title) which had Joan's poncho which featured her technique, so we were able to see the original pattern. (note to self - See if Joan teaches this class as an online correspondence course through CGOA, if not, sign up for it at next year's conference!) Margie had brought back a lot of freebies for the Chapter. She had a box of 12 balls of thread, Optima 10 from Ilse Wolle in Slovakia. I saw this thread online last week while searching threads, will have to check for more details. It seems to be a very soft #10. The colors were mostly yellows and purples, with 1 pale green. She said take what you want, Crystal wanted the purples, and I selected 3 yellows that went well together (doily!), and another shade of yellow that went with one of the yellows, but all 4 will not go together. I also took the green, maybe my yellows will be some flowers and the green for leaves. Margie also was given a small box of lighted hooks and told to give them out at the meeting. She had exactly one for each of us! They are Clover Crochet Lite in sizes H, K and E, I got the E and was excited to take it for a short drive last night. Will it be helpful for working dark threads in the late evening? I'll try it and let everyone know. Hopefully I'll get a nice review written for here and CGOA newsletter.


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