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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Interview with Melody MacDuffie

In that current issue of Crochet Insider there's a fantastic interview with Melody MacDuffie about her crochet technique called Overlay Crochet. If you're not familiar with this technique, be sure to check out this article and the pictures. They'll blow your mind!
I've taken a 6 hour Basic Overlay class with Melody at the 2005 CGOA Regional Conference. She's a great teacher, which is good because this technique is probably very different than any other crocheting you've done. There were quite a few of us experienced crocheters reading the pattern and having to discuss the process. Working as a group, we were all succesful at mastering the technique, the "granny squares" that were produced were gorgeous pieces. I'd love to do a lot more with this technique, check out "Dee's blog"
So far my attempts have looked nothing like Melody's or Dee's, but there's hope for improvement. See my post of June 28, 2006.
After you've read the interview, click on the link to Melody's website, (upper left), then click on Gallery and look at some of her other jewelry. (If you click on the pictures, you'll get a large picture.) She's got a book out, Crochet Overlay Jewelry. All the designs can be worked in larger thread or yarn, there are some great ideas in the book notes I've seen so far. This book has just been added to my Christmas wish list.


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