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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Weekend projects

Along with the Bamboo purchase last Tuesday, I also selected 2 balls of Red Heart Soft. Our Shawl Ministry keeps expanding. Recently I was asked if I could make some of the soft hats in more masculine colors. This woman's father was balding, and his head got cold. I had some black and navy blue left over from previous projects, so I selected hunter green and a pretty silver-gray. I should have bought a nice warm brown, why didn't I think of that in the store?
Anyway, Daughter #1 and I were home alone this weekend and we both like to work quietly. We both spend a lot of time reading & writing, she spends a lot of time IM'ing international friends, and I crochet. I made up the first hat in the green, the last few rows I alternated front and back post doubles. This can be rolled up to create a brim, or left straight, it looks the same on both sides.

Then I made a plain gray one, until I got to the last few rows and decided it needed some color. I alternated rows of green and gray in a seed stitch.

For the next hat I started in green, then did a row of doubles in cream, then a row that alternated half-doubles and front post doubles in navy, then a row of doubles in cream, then the half-doubles and front post doubles alternated in green. That's pretty cool.

The 4th hat I did was cream, with some front crossed doubles in green. D#1 says she'd have like it green with cream stripes instead.

The next hat is started in navy. I'm thinking the stripes will be cream and light blue, no stitches planned yet.


At Friday, August 10, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your crochet work is always beautiful & inspiring, Jane!


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