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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Family time

I didn't get lost, it's just been a busy week. Our girls have been coming & going, and coming & going since Sunday. Daughter # 2 arrived Sunday morning (5am!) We got a few hours sleep, and then did our favorite "do together" thing - we went shopping! Daughter told Dad she wanted "picnic" food, so we started planning what foods & what day we would have a family picnic. We did have to reschedule frequently. Sunday evening we got a phone call about 9:30, friends were having an impromptu deck party and invited us over. We went, 'cause we have so much fun with these guys & they always have such interesting & fun other guests!
Monday we went shopping again, including the grocery store. Then we went to a little dinner party by a friend. There was just 4 of us, and we all brought food to share. Great time.
Tuesday morning daughter #1 came home, arriving at 4 am! We got a few hours sleep, then daughter #2 headed out for a job interview, and daughter #1 and I went shopping! On our way home, daughter #2 calls, she's almost home & stopping at the Outlet Mall in Hershey. So I dropped #1 at the Outlets so the 2 of them can shop together.
When the girls get back from shopping, we put together our family picnic. Dad (hubby) has made potato salad and 3 bean salad, daughter #1 is a vegetarian and she stuffed mushroom caps with feta cheese, then cut pita bread into wedges, brushed them with olive oil and toasted them, yummy. We also had 2 kinds of hummus and a cheese dip. I made fried chicken. After we cleaned up, we went out to a local ice cream shop. Then came home and played a family game of Clue.
Wed. morning #2 had to drive back to work, so the girls only had a short time together.
Crochet content!- In the evenings I've been working steadily on the "It's All about the Purple Afghan". I've also been collecting even more patterns, and thinking about designs.
Yesterday (Friday) was our 33rd Anniversary. Will tell you about that tomorrow.


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