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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Working down to smaller hooks and finer thread

In a comment on my last post Laura said...
"Hi Jane,
Such a lovely doily! I would love to try something like that but I seem to have a fear of the smaller hooks and finer thread...how can you tell where to insert the hook with all those openings?"

Laura, that's a great question,

Here's an easy way to "work down" on motifs. Pick a pattern that you like that has basic stitches that you already know, like single and double crochets. Use worsted weight cotton and a size G hook and make it into a nice hotpad. Now you know where you're going to put your hook, how to work in the round, join rounds, etc. Next try the same motif with a sport weight yarn and maybe a C or D hook. Then try some of the new fashion threads that are size 3 or 5, this will make a beautiful doily, you may be happy to stop with this much accomplished!
By this point I have the pattern down in my mind and in my fingers, going to smaller hooks and smaller threads is easy. Since you're working the same motif over, you know where to insert you hook, which stitch to work into - that what I always questioned when I started working doilies.
If you're interested, join the "Antique Threadwork" group. This is our 4th motif CAL, and I selected these first because they are easy to work. You can ask any questions you have, and there will be people who will gladly help you.

Here are the motifs that we've used in our CAL:
"1893Circle Motif Reworked" from About Crochet

"Lazy Leaves"

"Lucky Star"

"Pineapple Bedspread"
The Lazy Leaves, Lucky Star and Pineapple Bedspread patterns are all from "Celt's Vintage Crochet" .


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