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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Busting the Bad Crochet Myth

This article in Crochet Insider is a wealth of knowledge about crocheting fashions. It also has some great photos of crocheted clothing, antique and contemporary.
The history of crochet and fashionable items from different periods are discussed. The article talks about two of my favorite subjects - crochet and mathematics, and leads you to articles about crocheted hyperbolic planes, a new crochet book called Geometrics, and a class by Marty Miller about mathematics. I've read the article about hyperbolic planes, I own the book - haven't jumped into any of the projects, yet, and I've taken the class by Marty.
My favorite fashions in the article would be the Irish Crochet wedding gown, and the Doris Chan sweater. Check it out at the above link.


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