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Friday, April 27, 2007

Busy week

Tuesday was the last day of teaching for this year, happy and sad at the same time. Tuesday evening was Student Recognition, displays of projects, and awards to students. Wednesday evening I worked at the dance studio, Thursday afternoon - tutoring, then in the evening - CGOA meeting. This month we met at Hancock Fabric in Union Deposit, they had a nice, cozy classroom, and they made coffee for us. We spent most of the evening on Show and Tell, and socializing! Although we did browse the sale bins of yarn and crochet books. I bought 2 balls of Dynasty boucle in green with some yellow and blue. I think this will be another Tunisian scarf, to be worked while leading the Crochet-a-Long at the CGOA Membership group, starts the week of May 7th.
Today, I went to the Farm Show in Harrisburg for an Alpaca Show. I arranged to meet up with another Chapter member and we had a short, but very interesting time. There were some yummy fibers, and some beautiful garments and accessories. I took a double dose of allergy medicine today, but forgot to take the inhaler...What was I thinking? But it seems that the small amount of coughing and wheezing were from the hay, straw and dust and not the alpacas and fiber. So maybe I've found one animal fiber that I can work with. The alpacas are so cute!! We found out a lot of information, also. There are two types of alpacas (as far as fiber) The Huacaya (pronounced wa ki ya) have thick fleece with a light crimp, this is used mostly for bulky weight yarns. The Suri have thin, (stringy!) fleece and is used for lace weight fibers. One vendor said her daughter likes to use this for fine lingerie. The fleece comes in 22 natural colors.
I think I'm rambling, will head to bed and maybe tomorrow tell you about what's on the hook tonight.


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