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Friday, March 30, 2007

How can one person have such a long "to do" list?

I usually grab a piece of scratch paper and scribble a quick "to do" list, adding & deleting regularly. When this paper has most of the things crossed off, I start a new list. Yesterday I realized that my list is getting more "wonky" every day! I decided to try a "to do" list on an Excel Spreadsheet. I started with categories like Home (balance checkbook, mail package to DD #1- email her to get her address this month), CHESS (that's where I teach math, so entries like grade papers), Micahels (where I teach crochet, check April schedule, create new class in Tunisian), Crochet (personal, CALs, contract work, new designs), and CGOA Chapter (we're offical! I need to schedule the library meeting room, plan meeting ideas, collect papers I want to share). Hope this helps the dis-organization a little.

On the hooks, two Tunisian baby blankets, hope to finalize the pattern and get it ready to send out to a magazine. The second Tunisian piece for the contract, should be finished soon. A thread runner in cranberry. This is coming along nicely. I worked on this Tuesday at our Sit N Stitch at Michaels. I need to find some TLC Amore in white, Joanns and AC Moore both carry that yarn, but have been out of white for 2 weeks! I may have to drive to the West Shore (Harrisburg) and see what that AC Moore has in stock. I've been told it's a much bigger store. Or, I may have to resort to buying on line. I like buying on line, when I can get a bargain. I hate to pay more than I pay locally and then shipping on top of that.


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