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Friday, March 09, 2007

Must be time to talk color

I was sitting on the floor in #1 daughter's room, sorting patterns, books, misc papers and trying to get some things filed. It's the start of the "cleaning out both bedrooms, the girls will both be home at the same time". So, I've got folders and papers all around me and the phone rings, after answering & returning to sitting on the floor, the phone rings again. ARRRGGGH. I'm now taking a short break, making a cup of tea, and catching up on a few blogs that I haven't looked at recently.
"The Crochet Dude" is making trips to IKEA and decorating his studio/office. I really like the bookcase, and baskets that fit into the bookcase cubbies. There's an idea if I get some space to turn into a work area for crochet and sewing.
"Darla Fanton" is discussing colors, and mentions several books we might like to read, and has a link to a website about 2007 Fall colors.
"Priscilla at by Hook or Needles" has another book to recommend and some basic color selecting information.


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