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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Latest doily

I started a doily the day after Christmas while visiting with my mother-in-law. I only managed to do a few rows before I left for North Carolina, then it was about a week before I got back to it and worked a row or two at a time. When I got back home it was another week of trying to catch up on things at home before I got back to the doily. But I managed several rounds at the Tuesday night at Michaels this week.
The pattern is from a 1915 Priscilla book Centrepieces and Edgings. I downloaded the book from "Antique Pattern Library" . I love this group! They buy a book that is in the public domain and scan it. Then upload the scans to the internet for members of the group to download and print. They can do that because these books are no longer under copyright. Copyright laws are very complex, but we should all Be Familiar with the Basics and understand what we may legally copy.
The pattern has 6 points, with 4 spiderwebs making up diamonds. It was an early American book, and the terminology is British. I'm "translating" two or three rows at a time, then working those rows to make sure I've written it correctly. Next I want to type up my written "translation" so it's easier to work the next time.
I think I have about six rounds left then I have several to block. I hope to get some pictures soon.


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