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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Busy crochet week

The Class Preview at Michaels went well. There were 6 instructors and we were at 3 tables previewing our classes and giving demonstrations. I brought along some "starts" of Tunisian Simple Stitch to let people have a chance to try the stitch. I also had some small swatches and projects that I was working on to give them ideas. I had a ball of glittery cord that was pink, blue and gold; this was left over from a Tunisian Mobius wrap. Anyway, I picked up a spool of pink ribbon and a spool of blue ribbon (50 cents each) and tried a swatch with all 3 fibers. The cord kept slipping between the two ribbons, so i dropped the blue and used the cord and pink ribbon. It's beautiful, but would require at least 6 spools to get a decent length for a fashion scarf. For now, it'll stay a pretty swatch.

Then I also had 3 balls of Lion brand Fancy Fur in a bright blue, it's got "globs" of aqua, hot pink and yellow mixed in. It was a fun project to showcase Tunisian and keep me occupied during the Preview.

Sunday I was back at Michaels for the Warm Up America "joining party". Only three of us showed up, but we worked hard and had a lot of fun. I brought along about 18 blocks that I had made up in different Tunisian stitches and stitch patterns, all either red, white or blue, or in 2 of those colors. This is an excellent project for practicing stitches, seeing how different fibers work up, and definitely learning how to work to gauge.

The blocks are to be 7 x 9, then 63 blocks sewn or single crocheted together to make a blanket approximately 63" square, then a simple border added. We were amazed at all the different sizes of blocks which had been donated. Some about 6" square, others about 9" square and others that seemed to be about 5 x 10. We sorted them out by size, then by colors that we thought looked nice together. We were able to sort out about six 25-square small afghans or laprobes. Jackie bagged the squares so that someone with some time can just grab a bag and start joining. Sue assembled one, I had one almost assembled by adding 3 regular crocheted squares and several knitted squares. I took it home and finished assembling & added a simple white border.

Monday was Shawl Ministry night. I'm working on a Tunisian Shells & Columns shawl in a peach or light coral worsted weight. I've also been working on a shawl in Tunisian doubles in purple Homespun.

Tuesday was our Sit N Stitch night at Michaels. I worked on some samples of different Tunisian stitches to add to the knit and crochet samples on the board at Michaels. Two of my Tunisian scarves are on the display board for up-coming classes. Now, I'm trying to get the word out about the classes.

Sunday, Dec 3, 2-4pm and Thursday, Dec 14, 4-6 pm Basic Tunisian - Make a Scarf

Last night and tonight I worked on more Warm Up America blocks while practicing Tunisian stitches. I've found two stitch patterns that might just become that sweater vest that's been on my mind for some time.


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