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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Links to Fun Baby Hats

Crocheted Hats
Since Halloween is coming, why not start with this adorable Candy Corn hat or a pumpkin?
"Candy corn"

"pumpkin hat"

How about using a cute hat as a simple costume for babies too young for masks...
"Kitty Cat"


"Snowman hat"

Knitted Hats

"apple hat"

"gift apple hat"

"berry tart"


"fruit orchard"
(lemon, apple, peach; note – these are premie sizes)


"frog hat"
This hat has matching socks.

"duck hat"
another set with matching socks.

Christmas is coming, here's some festive hats.
"Christmas tree"
Another set with mathcing socks.

"Snowman hat"

This site will give you a lot of ideas, once you've mastered the basic hat



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