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Friday, August 18, 2006

Picture problems

Still working with the camera/computer/printer software and trying to figure out why the picture of the doily baby afghan won't show up on the blog.
We had the printer/copier/scanner already when my brother sent me a digital camera!! Since camera and printer are the same brand, and printer has a digital camera card slot on the front, I was hoping that I wouldn't have to load the software that came with the camera. The first time I uploaded pictures I had to play around a little,...put the card into the card slot?, use the cable between computer and camera? I finally got the right combination and got the pictures into HP Imaging. The next 2 times the uploads were quick, easy and painless. Then I took pictures of this afgahan and tried to get them onto the computer, then onto this blog. Well, I finally got them onto the computer, but they didn't go into the right program. I messed around and finally got them into HP Imaging. I tried to "add photo" on the blog, it tells me that it was added correctly, but no pictures shows up.
I"m hoping that I don't have to uninstall the software, then reinstall. Aarrrggghh!
I'll get daughter #2 to work with me tomorrow. She's majoring in commmunications, web design!! We'll see what happens.


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