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Monday, August 28, 2006

Doily blocking

I blocked the 4 Square doily a few nights ago.
Both daughters were home at the same time for about 9 days. I had to move all the crochet, patterns and yarn, etc out of bedrooms and give them some space. They both headed out again on Thursday. Daughter #1 will be home at the end of Sept for a few days, then heading to her next contract job. Daughter #2 will probably not come home at Thanksgiving break, so she'll be home at the beginning of Dec.
Anyway, I've again got some floor space, laid out a sheet, put out my blocking page, covered it with waxed paper & the fun began. I sprayed it lightly with water, started pinning at the center & worked my way out, then a light spray of starch and a light steam with the iron. I believe in very gentle blocking, and I like my doilies "crisp" not "stiff".
Have to play with the camera/printer/software again and see if I can get pictures up. I may have to burn all the current pictures onto a CD, unload the software and re-load the software. That's something I'm hoping to avoid. But I do want to see some pictures!


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