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Sunday, August 27, 2006

County Fair Time!

It's definitely time to start thinking about the County Fair and start making plans.
When filling out the entry form, I try to think about what I've already finished that I can enter, and what's a reasonable amount of projects to enter that I haven't completed yet.
I started with doilies, I have quite a collection of them, even after giving away at least 5 this year. I have 2 that were made specifically with the fairs in mind. Next, afghans - the county fair has this broken down into 3 size catagories, in each there is a class for crocheted, crocheted with embroidery, and patriotic. So, I could enter up to 9 afghans! Two years ago I entered 5, last year I think I entered 3, this year I have only 2 completed - the doily baby afghan, and the afghan I made for my daughter. That one is huge, lots of front post & back post stitches, hmmm. But she doesn't want it at the fair, getting dirty and possibly damaged. I have 3 weeks till the fair,....but let's get sensible, school starts in 2 weeks, and I need to be ready for my students. I've already had a staff meeting. Then the dance studio will start classes in about 2 weeks, staff meeting this week. S0 it's not a good idea to enter another afghan.
I have one Tunisian scarf that I haven't entered before, that's added to the entry form.
Crocheted pillow case edging, I happen to have started an edging while at the convention. Just something to keep my fingers happy in the evenings. I should be able to finish that up fairly quickly, so I entered that.
Useful kitchen articles - I made enough dishclothes for the dishcloth exchange that I know I can work up several while watching tv in the evenings, so I entered two.
Baby sweater, cap and bootie set - so adorable, do I have time. I sorted through some patterns and found an adorable pineapple set. I worked the sweater up in a fingering yarn that I had in stock, it only took a couple of hours. I figure I should be able to work up a hat & booties in about the same amount of time, so I enter that catagory. Then just for fun, I enter one child's cap and another set of booties. After completing the baby sweater I start on the booties, it's all single and double crochet, no pineapples. The cuff is done in knot stitch, and I double check the pattern. The hat is done in pineapples, with a knot stitch cuff, I guess that's how they figured that everything went together. I'm not happy with these booties, though. I'm thinking that I'll work up the hat, and then see how the booties look with the whole set, but in the meantime I'm thinking that I may have to design some booties with a pineapple on the toe. I hadn't figures designing into my time schedule.
Tonight I started on the separate set of booties. Am I content to pick up one of the dozens of patterns that I bought or printed out from the internet? Of course not, I get the idea to design a pair that have a Delta Blossom on the toe. Hey, I paid for a class & learned how to do this, I better use it! So far it's looking very cute, I've finished the toe with a blossom, made a beading row to run some ribbon through. Now I'm thinking of a cuff that's rows of blossoms. Let's work on that tomorrow, after some sleep & a morning cup of hot tea.
I'm not going to worry if I don't get everything completed that I put on the entry form. At this fair, it's $1 for 1 - 5 items, $2 for 6 - 10 items. So, I've paid $2 and have 4 items completed, and 3 that I can finish in an evening. Even if I don't finish everything, I've got my $2 worth!!
Check back in a month when I'll post the results, and hopefully some details about all the great things that I saw while at the fair.


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