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Friday, September 08, 2006

Picture on Tunisian Crochet group home page

One of my pictures has been selected and posted on the home page of The Tunisian Crochet Group. What a thrill!
Here's a posting from one of the other members, "Love the new picture. What is that article done in white in the background and which stitch pattern is that?"
That happens to be a baby blanket that I designed, and the stitch is the Tunisian Shells & Columns. It's one of my current favorites. Along with the baby blanket, I've used this stitch for scarves, and a shawl for the Shawl Ministry. I'm currently working on some other projects with this stitch. I created a Shaded Shells and Columns, with the shells in white and the columns in blue. Stunning! But it requires a lot of color changes, in picking up loops you pick up 1 dark, and then 3 light. In working off the loops, I think it requires changing colors for each stitch. Don't think that a Tunisian pattern with color changes every stitch will be a big seller. I might work it up in a small article, like a teddy bear scarf, just to show it off. How about in some school colors, or team colors?


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