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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lettuce Knit newsletter

At the Shawl Ministry meeting on Monday, we got into a discussion about a baby hat that look like an apple. Several people were interested in having the pattern in either knitting or crocheting. I mentioned having seen them online, and everyone knows how I can search & locate whatever is needed. While gathering up dozens of links to patterns, I came across this newsletter. Go down to "Extraordinary New Yarns from the Fibre Company" and look at that gorgeous display of yarn. A blend of merino, alpaca and silk, I'll bet that is yummy to work with and would make a wonderful sweater. I'll have to skip it, those wool allergies! But if you can work with wool, why not try out some of this new yarn.
While you're at this site, skip down to This Month's Favorite Links and check out the article "The Ideal Beginner's Yarn?". While written from a knitter's perspective, the information will be helpful for beginners in crochet or Tunisian.
Now skip down, and look at the new Posh Yarn. It's a blend of cashmere, silk and cotton, that should be yummy to work with, also. Cashmere - that's from goats, not sheep. Wonder if I can use this, I normally shie away from all animal products, allergeric to wool, cats, why should goats, or alpacas be any different? Maybe I can find some to check out at my LYS.
There are more yarns further down the page, so many interesting fibers that I've added this to my saved Favorite sites.
Did I get distracted from those baby hats? I have a list of links ready to email to the leader of the Shawl Ministry, and I think I'll post them here. I did print out a couple of the crochet patterns, and put them in my stack with the Caps to the Capital paperwork. Check out the Tulip Preemie cap pattern on "Dee's blog". I have that pattern in the stack, also. Dee has done a great job creating a template for these little hats, and explaining it so well that we can all make a template to help us in making these little hats. Those are close to the top of my "Crochet Things to Do" list.


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