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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reading and swatching

Right now, I'm re-reading "No Sheep for You". I guess researching for the library display got me in the mood for playing with the yummy - no wool fibers. I have some new balls of #10 thread in bamboo, it's incredibly soft. It would be a shame to work this up tight in a doily, and then starch it. I purchased a pattern for a sweet baby dress in #10 thread and I've ordered more of this fiber in a pretty pink. But I'm also thinking about a light summer top. I think that I've got the pattern selected.

I recently took time to look through the stash with a legal pad & pencil in hand, and wrote down information about the yarns that I've purchased for sweaters (with only a general idea in mind). I wrote down fiber content, # of skeins/balls/hanks and # of yards per skein. Then I calculated the total yardage of the fibers.
Next I started through stacks of Crochet! and Crochet Fantasy Magazines, and books; and made notes of garments that I really liked - sweater title, what book it's in, page number, fiber used, weight, and yardage. Next I started swatching sections of different patterns with different fibers. I should scan some of the swatches!
I think that I've selected two different patterns that will go with fiber that's in the stash, and one more that I couldn't resist and I've ordered some Royale #3 fashion thread for that project. I've purchased one ball of about 7 different colors just to play with. I really love the texture and the sheen. I was very glad to find this lovely lace overblouse using the #3 thread.

What else is happening in my crochet world? Yesterday's mail brought the brouchure for the Spring Knit & Crochet Show in Portland, Oregon in May! Fun reading for this weekend!


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