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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Knit or Crochet

There are a lot of people in the world who don't know the difference between the techniques of knitting and crocheting, and a lot who can't tell the difference in the fabric created by the two techniques. And then, I've heard that in places in Europe they use the terms knit or hand-knitted to cover knitting, crocheting, Tunisian, etc.
I think that most of us who are involved in one and/or both techniques do differentiate. If we see that the fiber artist is using two pointy sticks, we ask about their knitting; if we see that the have one short hook we ask about their crochet; some but not all of us know what to ask if they have one long knitting needle with a crochet hook on the end; but we'd be right if we asked about their Tunisian, their shepard's knitting, or about their afghan crochet (or many other names).
What seems to bother a lot of us, though, is when we're crocheting and someone asks about our knitting; or an obvious crocheted garment being listed as "hand knitted". I was reading my Berrocco newsletter today and saw a picture of a lovely red beret-type hat listed as "Knit in Pure Merino DK" (The Pure is capitalized because it's the Berrocco brand name of this Merino fiber). Well, I was admiring the little thumbnail shot of the hat and thinking how nicely this pattern would translate into crochet, ...start with several rows of half-doubles, then some rows utilizing front post doubles for that nice texture,... So I clicked on the picture which opened another window and a much larger photo and said "That hat is crocheted! What's with the Berrocco people?" The Berrocco newsletter is usually about 99.5% knitting, so I'll bet they get complaints from knitters who love the hat, click on the link to get the pattern,...only to find that it's crocheted! But me, I'm very happy to get the unexpected lovely crochet pattern from Berrocco. Hmmmm, now what fiber do I want to use instead of that Merino?


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