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Sunday, September 14, 2008

What's happening this week

A large part of this week has been occupied with school and work, the school year has started!
Late in the night I get some time and work on the runner. I love how this is working up, maybe I'll scan a little of it and give you a peek. I've also blocked two doilies, and selected what I'd take to the fair. I drove to Gratz yesterday, an hour each way, in the rain! Was glad that hubby decided he'd ride along with me, we had some time to talk, and went out to dinner on the way home. At the last minute on Thursday I remembered that I had a drawer full of doilies and maybe I'd have something that I liked a little better for the fair. But, what was made this year?, what was made earlier?, what had already been entered last year? Luckily, I realized that I could look back at the entries here in the blog to see what had been finished since the fair last September. I entered the Posh Pineapple that I made in October...

and a doily call Trish which I finished about a week ago. I don't think that I've taken any pictures yet. Here's the pattern "Trish"
I made it in a bright golden-yellow, and it has a lot of textured stitches like posts and overlay.
I also entered a small purse that I made to display in our CGOA groups library display this spring. I had planned to enter the runner, but I just ran out of time. I also planned to enter the Ring Around the Posie top, but at the last I worried about whether it would be handled gently enough. Most likely they would hang it on a hanger, or drape it across the wooden bleachers,...and I'm still treating it with kid gloves. And then, Tuesday is picture day at school, and I think that I want to wear this top!
I have a pass for the fair, and I usually go up in the middle of the week to get inspiration from the other items entered, and see how I placed. I was thinking that I wouldn't be able to go, because the pass is for Wednesday and Thursday, and I work both evenings. But maybe they open early enough during the day that I could go for an hour or two and still get back in time for work. hmmm Will have to check the Fair website and see when they open.


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