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Monday, February 18, 2008

More Preparation for the Gathering of the Guilds

Saturday I spent all day driving, I picked up two chapter members at Starbucks,... fuel up it's a long day. We dropped flyers at AC Moore and Hancock Fabrics. Later in the day I dropped flyers at JoAnn Fabric, Michaels, and Borders. I tried to get to a new local yarn shop. It had hours posted on the Internet - Saturday 10 to 5. That's what it says on the store window, too. I arrived at 4:40, and the place was closed. This is not a good way to treat customers. Why should I drive to a shop that may or may not be open when I arrive, if I know about 5 other stores that will be open the hours that they have advertised?

Today I spent a long time on the Internet, reading all my crochet group postings, looking at crochet related websites, and finding some fanastic patterns. Do I really need more patterns? I did find the pattern that someone in the Shawl Ministry was asking about on Monday. It's a beautiful baby afghan, granny squares with a flower in the center. Instead of a flat flower, it has 3-dimensional petals. I studied the afghan and I could not figure out how the petals were made. It was exciting to come across the pattern book. Will look for it the next time I get out to Michaels.

This evening I spent some time blocking doilies, motifs and edgings. I think that I will use several of them in a display for the Gathering. I also spent time looking through several vintage books of doilies, tableclothes, bedspreads, and edgings. Still trying to decided on a runner. I'd like to do it all in one piece, but I've only found one of those that I really, really like; and I've done it once already. I just might do it again, it is pretty. But I am looking at several runners made with motifs, or using several bedspread or tablecloth motifs, and just making enough for a runner.

The next few days are school and work. So I'll probably be working extra on Thursday and Friday to finish up anything I want for the Gathering.


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