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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Great post on Kim's blog - Please read this

Have you noticed the stop sign here on my blog? It says "STOP Copyright Theft Hurts" and links to an excellent article about copyright of patterns, on Craft Designs for You. You can read my previous post of Oct. 11, 2006 "Oct. 11, 2006" .
Kim Guzman has written another excellent blog post about copyright theft and how it hurts the pattern designers. Please read Kim's post, and all the comments. The next time that you think about copying a pattern, instead of buying the book; or the next time you think about making copies of a pattern and passing them out to your friends;...please think about the designers, and think about what will happen to the future of good designs if no one is willing to pay for them.
I love to check out crochet books from the library and look through them, sometimes I use a pattern and make a project. I frequently check out the same book, however, if I make more than two projects from the book, it's time to purchase my personal copy of the book. That leaves a good book in the library for others to use, and puts money into the pockets of the designers whose work I treasure.

Give your friends the web address so they can go and get their own pattern, pass on the name on the book, booklet or publication where they can find the pattern and they can purchase their own copy. If they're on a tight budget, give them that 50% off coupon from AC Moore or Michaels. Show them that you're a friend, and appreciate the situation, but you still have to do what's right.

Next major project - move the old encyclopedias off the book shelf (I use online encyclopedias now most of the time) and get the recently purchased crochet books in to that space.


At Tuesday, February 19, 2008, Blogger Deborah said...

I agree with you about "stopping" those who give the patterns away. I have an extensive library of books and pamphlets I have bought. It makes me really angry that some people don't think it hurts the designers. Just what can one do when one finds someone who is posting patterns?


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