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Friday, February 01, 2008

Another Busy week

I've been busy this week, but have a lot that I'd like to post. Writing "blog entry" on my things to do list doesn't seem to be enough to get me to actually write and post. Too many other things seeem to take priority. This week I've tried a new approach, I start a new post, write in the title and possibly add a link, then save it as a draft. When I have time to write, it's a great reminder of what I wanted to write, and it saves time searching for the links.

Tuesday night was our Crocheting in Public at Borders. See an earlier post (Friday, Feb. 1) Thursday night was our CGOA Chapter meeting. We had four of the regulars, and we were busy with making small door prizes for the Gathering of the Guilds, coming up on Feb. 23rd. Faith is making heart shaped ornaments, Shelby is making flowers and leaves to glue on notecards, and I'm making more bookmarkers. Crystal was working on a long-term project, a beautiful afghan in white with "hearts" in pink, red, purple.

At home, I've been working on the thread bookmarkers, and also swatching Tunisian stitches from the book Essential Crochet Treasures (future post!). I've also been on the search for a pattern for a baby afghan for my daughter to give to a friend. I want something different, more modern, rather than traditional, pastel, cutsey. I think that I've happened upon the perfect stitch pattern. It's called the "Ocean Waves stitch" . We're thinking a navy blue, and a variegated that has blues, purples and maybe pink. Red Heart Monet is one that comes to mind, I think the other one I'd like is Red Heart, something like Seashore. We're planning to look at color cards later today for more ideas.


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