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Friday, February 08, 2008

Crochet in Public

Tuesday night I worked on swatching some Tunisian stitches from the antique needlework book. I found one more that I really like the look of, but also found two that I really can't figure out. "You want me to put the hook where?" "I'm sorry, what?" That's what I was saying to myself most of the evening.
I then took a break and started on a thread edging that I'm hoping to make great progress on by the Gathering of the Guilds. It would be nice if I had enough finished for one pillow case!
Tonight I bought the variegated yarn for the Ocean Waves baby afghan. Also found the buttons for the baby sweater. I had been thinking of something fun like ice cream cones. The ice cream cones were a little too pale, I thought, and also too large. The ABC blocks were also too large. I really loved some little cup cakes, they were in pale purple "papers", white icing, and purple sprinkles. They came 2 on a card, and I had 3 cards in my hand ready to head to the checkout, when I realized that they were over $4 per card. About $13 to put buttons on a baby sweater! That's a little wacky. I looked at the fun buttons again, loved the helicoper and airplane set (too boyish?), and a kitty face with a ball of yarn ($4 per card of 2!), so finally settled on white and yellow daisies (5 in a bag for $3). I almost got a bag of yellow, a bag of blue, orange, green, etc, so I could put on one of each color. The yarn is white, with dots of yellow, mint, periwinkle, orange. But then I'd be up to the same price, and have lots of buttons left over. I already have a good starting stash, some pansies, garden hats, dragons,... I think the daisies will be very cute.


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