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Friday, September 14, 2007

"Whole lotta swatching goin' on".

Okay, Jerry Lee Lewis is in my head singing "Whole lotta swatching goin' on". It's not pretty, but it won't go away.
I've been busy with swatches still. I entered a scarf in the county fair, of course I hadn't made it yet. I bought some pretty new yarn and swatched all kinds of stitches, classic crochet & Tunisian, nothing jumped out at me. I made a skinny fashion scarf, my daughters didn't like it, but the ladies at the Sit N Stitch thought it made a pretty cool belt. Back to swatching, changing colors and yarns. Daughter #2 had a vision of a diagonal scarf, in blue and brown. She selected very 60's colors. I wasn't feeling it, but tried to produce her vision. After several attempts and several times being told "You're still making vertical stripes and I want horizontal diagonal stripes" I grabbed graph paper and colored pencils. I thought I finally had it, and went back to crocheting, I still had it going wrong. I kept saying "If you turn the paper 180 degrees, I've made what you said". But no, they insisted that I had to turn the paper 90 degrees. So I turned the graph paper and started again, still not right! I don't know when it finally clicked, but I finally got horizontal diagonal stripes. Only I created a long thin block with a sharp diagonal. She was envisioning a "softer diagonal" that's not the mathematical term I'm looking for! But, I went back to the graph paper, scribbled a litte more over my sketches, made notes, and created a chart, and finally got the diagonal stripes the way she wanted them! I've now run out of time to get these to the fair! Hubby suggests that I must have some scarves somewhere in the house that I can take. He's right, I have several tucked away to send to the Red Scarf Project, and several for displays at Michaels. I've selected a pretty black novelty yarn with lots of blobs of colors, done in Tunisian simple stitch.
I'm off to deliver things to the fair.

Next, I want to swatch the Brush Stroke stitch pattern that was the Stitch of the Week (SOW) at the CGOA Membership group this week. It's an interesting looking stitch. And Monday, we get a new stitch. Can't get too far behind on this, or I won't get a chance to add to the discussions.


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