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Friday, August 24, 2007

I've got some Catching Up to do...

The contract piece was finished & shipped out on Wednesday! It should arrive at it's destination today!
Wednesday evening and yesterday (after tutoring) I celebrated the completion, by finishing a novel that #1 daughter recommended. We love to talk books.
I also picked up that doily that was abandoned a while back, for urgent projects. You know the one I'm talking about, the pink one. I really was frustrated with not finding another pink, and having to use white. I think that's one reason that I easily abandoned it for those other projects. Well, last night I finished all the white rounds, and the final two rounds are shaded pinks. I'm about half way through the last round, and I'm happy that the "shaded pinks" looks so nice with the two solid pinks that I used. It's also making the white look a little more "okay". I hope to get it blocked and a picture up very soon.
Talking about my long search for another pink that would go with the two that I had, I found a great source of thread online. It's Cordonnet Flora, and available from "Lacis". Look at the shades of pink, and notice how many shades they have of purple, and blue! I can see a lot of this coming to my house to be made into doilies! I'm really into experimenting with color on all those doily patterns that keep saying "stitch me up next" and "pick me!"

Oh, I must find time to file all the patterns that I've been printing out. The first stop is right on top of the printer, that makes it difficult when I have to use the scanner/copier part of the printer, which is fairly frequently. After that they usually get moved to a file folder, wait, I think I have a folder in my working project bag, and one in the CGOA chapter box, and definitly one in the huge file folder tub that's in one of the bedrooms. Must get organized.


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