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Friday, August 31, 2007

Fun crochet week

Well, I have a variety of experiences to tell you about for this week.
Friday afternoon I finally filled out the registration for the county fair, and got it in the mail.
On Monday I received my first copy of Yarn Market News. It's packed with news, articles, book and yarn reviews and ads, all aimed at the Fiber Needle Arts Professional. There's an excellent article on copyright,and one on doing business on the web, a great article packed with ideas & pictures about knitting in art & LYS exhibiting some art, and a business profile of Westminster Fibers in New Hampshire.
The ads, and a few articles, are heavy on knitting and wool fibers. Like the beautiful article on lace, which is all knitted, and all but one or two fibers are animal fibers. (Remind me that the book "No Sheep for You" is on my Christmas wish list). The book reviews include quite a few new crochet books, including one featured in a beautiful ad, for Nicky Epsteins's "Crocheted Flowers". I've got quite a few websites, books and fibers to check out.
Tuesday was Sit N Stitch at Michaels, there was quite a turn out and we had a great time talking about projects, yarns, upcoming events, and websites. I was working on a thread motif for the September Motif Crochet-a-Long. I forgot to take the pink doily to show off.
Wednesday evening we went to a Stich and Pitch on City Island. We got a small drawstring bag, with a pen, a gift certificate and several patterns from some local yarn shops (LYS). I chatted with the owner of my favorite LYS, the soy yarn that I ordered hasn't come in yet, but I told her I wasn't in a hurry, I have plenty of fiber to keep me busy. The Harrisburg Senators lost 5-4, but we had a fun evening.
Tonight was our Guild meeting. The theme was "Back to School". (I really am not really to be reminded that school starts Tuesday, and I've spend all summer not thinking about it.) Anyway, we made some thread bookmarks, and looked at crochet resource books. I brought in two of my "personal resource books". These are 3" binders full of stitch directions and swatches. I have notes on each page about what hook I used, what I like or don't like, possible variations, and ideas for projects for which I might use the stitch. One is classic crochet, and one Tunisian.
Tomorrow I need to write up directions for my Stitch of the Week for the CGOA Membership group, work up a swatch or two (I think I'll make them 7 x 9 so that I can donate them to Warm Up America when I'm finished), and then post a picture for the group. I'll post the stitch on Monday. We're having a lot of fun with this project. I have a few other stitches that I'd like to present in the future.
In between all these activities, I've been working on a tunisian baby blanket, and swatching for a full size Tunisian afghan.


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