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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Tuesday, during my free period at school, I started my swatch for the CGOA Membership group Stitch of the Week. I could have been grading papers, that's what several other teachers were doing, but a little crochet break keeps my head together on a long day.
Anyway, I tried the stitch pattern with worsted weight, and it's an unusual pattern. I like the look, but I don't think it shows well in worsted, and it's very bulky. I want to get some solid sport weight and try it again. In the meantime, on Monday they posted the next stitch. I hope to get to that today, maybe before tutoring, and a trip to the fair to see how well my enteries did.
Both our girls left this morning for their next job, they're working together for the first time professionally (not as college students). I have to do some major cleaning in both bedrooms, as I store yarn, thread, patterns and works in progress in those spaces! Would like to give them more space and have it better organized before they come home again.
Back to the swatches, maybe I'll have some interesting pics to post soon!


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