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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Online seminar from Art of Crochet

I really enjoy belonging to a lot of online crochet groups. Along with talking about projects that they are working on, and posting pictures of the finished item, they always have useful tips, information about yarn & other fibers - how they work up, wash, hold up with wear, etc. and they always have links to great patterns, sales, and information.
On Crochet Partners, a poster mentioned an online seminar from the Art of Crochet. Well, I missed the "real time" because I worked last night & I'm just getting to my email, but I went to the Art of Crochet website, and there are links. The seminar is titled "Gauge, Drape and Substitution". I just watched the first episode on gauge, and she has important information about gauge swatches. There are links to "crochet aids" which include a gauge tool and a worksheet for recording information about different fibers that you've swatched. I'm going to download these, even though I already have a small gauge tool, this is a nice 4 x 4 square which is the minimum recommendation for a gauge swatch. I already keep gauge information on different fibers I've worked, but here is a worksheet with all the information in one place, something I could put together, but haven't. Along with these tools, you're given information on the yarns used for the swatches, and several sound tooooo yummy. I'm going to try out some Debbie Bliss cotton/silk/microfiber blend. Doesn't that sound soft, and smooth flowing on a hook! Also mentioned is an alpaca/silk blend, that would be so soft. Must try a small amount of alpaca. I've been told repeatedly that there is no risk of allergic reaction, that alpaca doesn't have the allergens of wool. Will have to see, so far any animal fiber I've had on clothing I've regretted.
Anyway, back to watch Episode 2 on Drape.


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