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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Christmas ornaments

One of the crochet-related things I'm doing this week is searching books and online for easy Christmas ornaments for the CGOA meeting at the end of the month. I'm especially looking for very easy snowflake patterns. I've selected one that I think will be our starting project. I'm making it up in a variety of brands and weights of thread, so I can discuss selecting threads. Then I'm also working it up in #3 fashion thread, and probably a sport weight yarn. For those that haven't worked with thread before, I'm going to have them make up the snowflake in larger fiber and once their comfortable working in rounds and lacy stitches, we'll try to go smaller.
I've already made up a snowflake in #10 South Maid. This is the ball of thread that I recently tossed to my husband and said "Put this is the garage or the breezeway, you can use it for tying up tomato plants or something. Just don't let it get back into my crocheting thread." It split terribly, and it's stiff as a board. I also made up one in the fashion thread, very pretty, but way too soft. I don't think this will block, or stiffen well, either. Tuesday evening, at our crochet in public, I purchased a 1 pound ball of #10 thread, a ball of #20, and a metallic crochet thread. I've bought this before with silver or gold metallic threads, but this white has a sparkly iridescence. I made one snowflake, and I had a lot of problem with the thread twisting. These are going to be really pretty, but don't know how many people will want to fight the thread.
Maybe I can scan a few snowflakes and post them.


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