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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I have the house to myself today, hubby is camping with the Boy Scouts. Hey, I gave up my planned crochet day yesterday to help set up a tent for the Camporee at our township park, I deserved a quiet crochet day today.
I went to Michaels to see about custom framing for a table topper that I made several years ago. It was looking for a home, and I didn't have the right size and shape of table. But I got the idea to frame it and hang it in the living room as art work. It's been moved from place to place while I got it together & finally checked into getting it framed. Well, I spread it out on the counter at Michaels, and there's stains on it! I can't figure how that happened, it's mostly been laying on the top bunk in one bedroom. Will try to soak it and see if the stains come out. I did buy two different framing things for 2 small doilies that I had planned to hang with the large one. I started with a clear frame, it's basically a piece of thin plastic and a piece of glass, the plastic has a clear plastic hanger on the back. Then there are 4 pieces of silver molding that slip over the edges to hold the plastic and glass together. I put my round Petite Pineapple doily in that, #20 blue thread, about 8". It looks like the doily is floating in air! The second item is a wooden framed shadow box. It has a layer of white fabric to pin things to, the doily just clings to the fiber. This one is an oval pineapple from a vintage pattern, made with the same thread. Tomorrow I will try hanging them and see which I like best. I think I want to put them into matching frames. I'm leaning toward hoping they look best in the clear frame. I have an idea that I'd like to work up in the shadow box.
Tonight I made six blocks for Warm Up America. I was practicing a new Tunisian stitch pattern from the 101 Tunisian Easy Stitches book. Isn't this pretty?

I made another in this stitch pattern, in red and white. I also made 3 blocks in a honeycomb, it's one of my favorite Tunisian stitch patterns, but I don't think it'll show in a scanned picture. I made 1 each in red, white and blue, and made a Shells & Columns block in red. Are you sensing a theme? I tried to find a red, white and blue variegated at Michaels, but they didn't have any. To bad, as the Red Heart was 2 skeins for $3.00.
BTW, when is the Warm Up America Joining Party at Michaels? For some reason, I thought I read somewhere that it was the 28th or 29th of October, but several people at the Sit N Stitch thought it was Nov. 12th. Need to check that out soon.


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