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Monday, October 02, 2006


I finished the Crochet-A-Long doily yesterday morning, and blocked it. It dried in time for me to move it this afternoon, had to clean out that bedroom as daughter #1 is home for a week between contracts. Once she heads out, I have 3 or 4 days to move everything back to her room, as daughter #2 comes home from college for about a week. I'm starting to dream of my own craft room/studio, one wall of bookshelves for books and yarn; one wall a giant dry erase calendar with due dates of contracts, submission dates for magazines, contests, CGOA meetings, field trips; a large computer desk with space for organizing submission folders and file drawers for business files; a closet for even more yarn and supplies; since we're dream designing - a large, comfy chair with an afghan for relaxing and crocheting. Maybe someday.
Meanwhile, back in reality, I've put the doily on top of the piano until I'm ready to mail it out. I have doilies back from the County Fair that are going to need washing and re-blocking due to the dust & humidity. That will have to wait, because it's time to switch gears and get together lesson plans, homework assignments, and worksheets for tutoring. It's also time to spend time with daughter talking about books, movies, music, watching tv together, and playing games.


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