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Monday, September 25, 2006

Fair Results

Once again, I'm going to encourage you to enter your local County and State Fairs. It's a lot of fun looking through your patterns and trying to decide what to enter, then the fun of the actual crocheting. Then you get to go to the fair and see how you did, and look at what others have entered. That gives you ideas for the next year.
I like going to the fair and looking at the results because it's always such a surprise. Sometimes the item you thought was just so-so wins a nice ribbon, other times the very difficult, very well made item doesn't even get an honorable mention. Every once in a while I say "Wonder what they were looking at?" But then I have a challenge to try to impress them the next time.

I'm please with the results this year:

2nd Baby sweater, hat and bootie set - Pineapple sweater made in lilac fingering. If you remember my entries on this, I loved the sweater, but was disappointed to find the hat and bootie design really didn't match the sweater. The first place set was white, perle cotton christening set.

2nd Baby afghan made from a vintage doily pattern - I'd like to try this pattern again with a tightly-twisted cotton baby yarn.

2nd Watermelon hot pad - This was better than I expected, this pattern was very simple. But I think the summer fruit idea fits in with a summer fair.

4th Intarsia hot pad - This had great potential, but I was almost finished when I realized that the solid color cotton yarn was thicker than the multi-colored. The idea was to change colors to create a diagonal split in the square. The color change did crate a diagonal, but if you folded the hot pad on the diagonal line, the solid color was slightly larger than the multi. Live and learn.

2nd Spiderweb doily - This I was figuring would place well. The design looks complicated and requires great accuracy, this also was from a vintage pattern.

This picture was taken before the doily was completed.

4th Snowflower doily - This doily is this year's "What were they looking at?" Definitely a complicated design, pineapples, rounds worked behind previous rounds, layers, 10 bazillion picots. That's mathematically correct, I counted!

Since we haven't corrected the software problem with the digital camera and the printer, I will have to take some pictures with my 35 mm camera. Yeah, we have to wait till I finish the roll of film, take it to be developed, scan each picture,...


At Monday, September 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful, as always! If I were the judge I'd be handing out the ribbons for "Most Inspirational" -- I'm sure, along with the ribbons you won, your work inspired someone to pick up a crochet hook for the first time or to try a new crochet technique. Awesome job, Jane!


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